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Whether you are in need of service, maintenance, installation, repairs or replacement, we are the company for you! Bogner Sheet Metal is here to take care of all your HVAC needs. We service Santa Cruz County and the surrounding areas. We have been servicing and maintaining commercial and residential buildings since 1947.
We don’t just want satisfied customers; we want lifetime customers! If your concern is having your heater serviced, having a problem corrected or having a new furnace installed, Bogner Sheet Metal will get the job done.

Most major repairs are due to lack of regular maintenance. Don’t let a dirty, neglected system cost you. Regularly maintained systems can cut monthly energy costs up to 25% when compared to poorly maintained systems.

Peace of Mind

From installation, maintenance, repairs and replacements of your HVAC equipment, we give you worry free services not only by providing you with quality work or projects but also by making sure you remain confident that your properties are safe with us.

Services Provided

Allow us to help you when considering a new heating or air-conditioning system. Thinking of moving from a window air conditioner to a central air conditioner? Thinking of upgrading your central heating and air conditioning? We can help!

Let us assist you with your next heating or cooling system installation, maintenance, repair, replacement or fabrication project.

Hvac Systems: Furnaces, Air Conditioning and Air Filtering

Duct Inspection, Repair and Replacement

Heating and Cooling Thermostats


Exhaust Systems and Fans

Frequently Asked Questions

These are complex systems that need to be designed and installed properly. You don't just plug them in like an appliance. Call your local HVAC company and have a professional install it for you.

Servicing and maintaining your equipment on a regular basis can always assit in efficiency. Having a programable thermostat to regulate the temperature will help as well.

Manufacturer recommends to have your system check by a professional HVAC company at least once a year. Changing the filter more often based on pets, dust, dirt, allergies and smoke is recommended.

Heat pump, forced air furnace (single stage, 2-stage and modulating), wall heater, floor furnace, air conditioner, window air conditioner, mini splits, ventilation fans

We design each system to fit our customers needs and comfort. Windows, insulation and levels of the home all change for each person. Depending on the system you are looking for as well, the cost could be anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000

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