Searching for the Right HVAC Contractor

Searching for the Right HVAC Contractor

How hard is it to look for a good HVAC contractor? Well, to put everything in perspective, there are over 100,000 Heating and Air-Conditioning contractors in the US. In this 82 billion dollar industry, there are still contractors who are rude, unprofessional, and even incompetent it’s hard to know which is which just by looking at their website or talking to them on the phone. These are some of the reasons why it is hard to look and find a good HVAC contractor in your area.

First thing you should be looking for…


Though we cannot eliminate the daunting task of having to look for a reliable HVAC contractor, hopefully we can offer some pointers to assist you.  A licensed contractor can make all the difference.  Most unlicensed contractors do not pay licensing fees, insurance fees, unemployment fees or take the time to train employees properly.  These reasons are ways to keep costs down and may make the bottom line price offered to the customer attractive. In the end though, are you as the consumer really winning?  At first look, your HVAC contractor’s job may look pretty straightforward, but the good ones do more than just install heating or air conditioning in your home or business.

The Hunt for the Right…


How do you find the right HVAC contractor?  As mentioned above, it’s hard to judge a contractor strictly based on their website alone.  Take the time to talk with you contractor and set an appointment with them.  Do they answer the phone, do they return your calls, do they set an appointment with you and keep it?  Do they take the time to sit with you during the appointment and make sure that all of your questions are answered?  These are many ways to get a good feel for the company that you will be working with for your comfort needs.  Do you want a company that will install your system and disappear, or would you like someone that will be with you through the life of your heating and air conditioning system and longer?

Another very important item to ask about is warranties.  When purchasing a service, when do you know if it was a good service, before or after the service?  After the service of course, and typically, quite some time after the service was complete.  Here at Bogner Sheet Metal Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a 365 day test drive.  We allow you to “test drive” your new heating or air conditioning system for a whole year.  If you are not absolutely comfortable with your new system, we will remove it and give you your money back.  We are confident that you will be completely satisfied!

Eliminate… Check Work Proposals

Bogner Sheet Metal HVAC Contractors Santa CruzIs the Company Stable?

This is a question few of us ask our contractors. In the case of HVAC contractors, this is a very relevant question. Not all HVAC systems are the same. Due to the nature of the systems themselves, the design of the house or office, or the requests of the owners, a system can be as unique as a snowflake among A sea of HVAC systems. This is why you need to check if the contractor you are going to work with is stable enough to support you in the years to come. What if the system needs upgrading or breaks down 5 years from now? Systems need to be maintained on a yearly basis.  This helps with the efficiency and longevity of the system.  Wouldn’t you rather work with the same trusted contractor who you already have a relationship with instead of trying to find someone new every year?

Katrina Ciapponi

Katrina is CFO at Bogner Sheet Metal managing all duties of the business; HR, office manager, marketing, strategic planning, IT, training and development of policies and procedures.