Should I Replace or Repair My Air Conditioner?

Should I Replace Or Repair My Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner is an important part of any home set up, especially if you live in a hot area or would like to regulate the temperature of your home more for the comfort of your family. If your air conditioner has broken down, perhaps multiple times now, you may be wondering whether you should…
Do Gas Furnaces Require Annual-Routine Maintenance

Do Gas Furnaces Require Annual/ Routine Maintenance?

If your home has a furnace installed, you may be wondering whether you need to schedule an annual tune-up. In short, yes. A yearly maintenance check of your heating and air conditioning system is going to help you to prolong its life while saving money on your energy bills. The cold weather hits every year…
Wall Furnace Repair Santa Cruz CA

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Dilly-Dally Over Wall Furnace Repair

When you pause to think about it a little, it seems rather extraordinary that you never need wall furnace repair during summer. In the ideal world of mathematical probability, heating contractors should be fixing 50 percent of Bay Area furnaces during spring and summer, and the remaining half during autumn and winter. That never happens.…
Prevent Your Pet From Damaging Your HVAC System Bogner CA

Prevent Your Pet From Damaging Your HVAC System

We love our pets. They are cherished members of 85 million U.S. families who feed them, provide water for them, and play with them. What do they get in return? Lots of affection and… broken HVAC systems. Pets vs. HVAC Your furry friends shed hair and small flakes of skin, known as dander. The particles…
Bay Area Heat How to be Sure Your AC Doesnt Break Down - Santa Cruz,CA

Bay Area Heat: How to be Sure Your AC Doesn’t Break Down?

Labor Day 2017 is already in history books; not because of a massive workers’ gathering in the Bay Area but soaring temperatures. The National Weather Service (NWS), whose recording stations have been active in San Francisco since the 1870s, declared September 2 the hottest day on record. With temperatures rising to 102 in Gilroy, 98…
Frequent Heating Problems and Heating Repairs Santa Cruz, CA

Frequent Heating Problems and the Repairs Needed

In any emergency or if your heating system just refuses to respond, a professional heating contractor should always be called. For the most part, if you know what to look for and understand the corrections, you'll be able to do your own heating repairs and save yourself a lot of hassles.