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As part of the Santa Cruz County in California, Capitola experiences beautiful weather throughout the year. It’s a coastal location, making it an excellent destination for holidaymakers that are attracted to the mild temperatures. However, it can often get a little too chilly during the winter season and during the summer, the dry heat could be too much to comfortably bear.

Despite Capitola’s mild weather, it’s still important to get yourself a working and well-maintained heating and cooling system–and that’s where we come in. Bogner Sheet Metal has been in service for well over 70+ years, and we understand what it takes to help you get the most out of your heating and air conditioning services in Capitola.


We’ll help you design an energy-efficient system to keep you and your family comfortable in both the winter and summer.


We know that maintaining your heating and cooling systems can be troublesome, but regularly maintaining them can save you up to 25% on your bills. We offer maintenance plans that will offer routine maintenance on your systems to help you save money.


Our experienced technicians have the expertise to quickly fix any heating or cooling issues you may have so that you’re never left in a home that’s too hot or too cold.


Broken systems that are too expensive to run? We’ll do an analysis of your system and replace it with a more energy efficient cooling and heating system that will help keep your family safe and comfortable in Capitola.


We can’t stress how important taking care of your heating and air conditioning system is. Have it inspected by one of our professionals so that it will never suddenly break.

HVAC Installation and Maintenance in Capitola, CA

Protect your family and improve the quality of air in your home

Capitola might have beautiful weather all year around, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the trillions of allergens that can sneak into your home every single day. The dust generated can be irritating to children and adults alike, which is why it’s important to have a reliable HVAC system to keep the air fresh.

If you want to improve the quality of the air you breath every day, then a HVAC system is the best way to keep your family safe and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are complex systems that need to be designed and installed properly. You don't just plug them in like an appliance. Call your local HVAC company and have a professional install it for you.

You have an air handler that has a blower, it draws air from the return air and heats it though the heat exchanger and distrubites the air thoughout the home.

Manufacturer recommends to have your system check by a professional HVAC company at least once a year. Changing the filter more often based on pets, dust, dirt, allergies and smoke is recommended.

Servicing and maintaining your equipment on a regular basis can always assit in efficiency. Having a programable thermostat to regulate the temperature will help as well.

2.5 ton, depending on the structure, insulation and windows of your home. Have a professional HVAC company do a load calculation of your home.

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The quaint town of Capitola is a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy Monterey Bay. The cliffs that mark access to several beaches, including New Brighton Beach, or those who would rather not risk their lives by climbing down into such sharp edges can simply dip straight into its rugged shoreline where there are plenty of opportunities available without any unnecessary detour!

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