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Boulder Creek sits on the West Coast of California and is known for having a very long warm period of the year. For five months of the year, temperatures can rise above 70F meaning you can feel uncomfortably warm in your home. Then, during the winter months, temperatures can drop to as low as 38F, making it crucial that you have the means to stay warm!

With our top-quality heating and cooling services in Boulder Creek, we offer the best solution to all of your problems. Our skilled team can assist with everything from furnace repairs to air conditioning maintenance, ensuring the temperature in your property can be managed effectively.

Our Services

We provide professional assistance with a variety of HVAC-related problems. Check out what we can do for you here:


As the leading HVAC contractor in Boulder Creek, we can tell you with confidence that a lot of installation jobs are inferior. This leads to extra money being spent on repairs and replacements. With our installation service, we’ll get a brand new heating and cooling system in your home with no problems whatsoever.


By offering different maintenance plans, this lets us check your systems to see if they’re working correctly. With this service, you could save a massive 25% on energy bills in the future!


Our repairs service is extensive and covers everything relating to furnace repair, HVAC repair, heating repair, and air conditioning repair. To put it simply; if you have an issue with your system, our highly trained technicians can fix it for you.


If you’re looking to replace an old AC unit with a new model, or want to replace your gas furnace with a more contemporary one, then we can do this for you. We’ll analyze your current set-up to decide what replacement is best for you and your budget.


Regular servicing of your heating and cooling system can dramatically prolong its life. Don’t neglect this as it helps avoid expensive breakdowns!

Why Choose Us As Your HVAC Contractor in Boulder Creek?

Choose Bogner Sheet Metal if you want 100% assurance of a job well done. Our 70+ years experience allows us to deliver a high-level service like no other. Just look at the benefits you receive from working with our team:

  • Excellent customer service that places your needs first
  • Prolong the life of your heating and cooling systems to save money
  • Get the right installations for your home and budget
  • Save thousands of dollars on energy bills
  • Receive an emergency heating and cooling repairs service when you need it
  • Improve the comfort of your home by managing the temperature and air-quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Twice a year if you have air conditioning; once a year for heating only.

Filters in your heating system should be replaced at a minimum, twice a year.  It is recommended to replace them more often based on pets, dust and allergies.

Shutting your supply registers (vents) reduces the air flow and compromises the efficiency and proper operation of your furnace. We do not recommend covering your vents or inserting anything in to the vent opening.  If you are having air flow issues please contact us for assistance.

These are complex systems that need to be designed and installed properly. You don't just plug them in like an appliance. Call your local HVAC company and have a professional install it for you.

You have an air handler that has a blower, it draws air from the return air and heats it though the heat exchanger and distrubites the air thoughout the home.

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