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Technician Looking Over A Gas Furnace

2020 Guide to the Cost of Replacing VS Repairing Your Gas Furnace

November 3, 2020 /

It finally happened – you woke up to a frigid house because your furnace broke in the middle of the night. You’re thinking about buying a new one… but how much does a furnace replacement cost? Should you hire someone to repair it instead? To help you decide how to spend your money, we’ve compiled…

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Do Gas Furnaces Require Annual-Routine Maintenance

Do Gas Furnaces Require Annual/ Routine Maintenance?

March 12, 2019 /

If your home has a furnace installed, you may be wondering whether you need to schedule an annual tune-up. In short, yes. A yearly maintenance check of your heating and air conditioning system is going to help you to prolong its life while saving money on your energy bills. The cold weather hits every year…

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Wall Furnace Repair Santa Cruz CA

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Dilly-Dally Over Wall Furnace Repair

September 26, 2017 /

When you pause to think about it a little, it seems rather extraordinary that you never need wall furnace repair during summer. In the ideal world of mathematical probability, heating contractors should be fixing 50 percent of Bay Area furnaces during spring and summer, and the remaining half during autumn and winter. That never happens.…

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