Bay Area Heat: How to be Sure Your AC Doesn’t Break Down?

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Bay Area Heat How to be Sure Your AC Doesn't Break DownLabor Day 2017 is already in history books; not because of a massive workers’ gathering in the Bay Area but soaring temperatures. The National Weather Service (NWS), whose recording stations have been active in San Francisco since the 1870s, declared September 2 the hottest day on record.

With temperatures rising to 102 in Gilroy, 98 in San Jose, 95 in Napa, and 92 in Santa Cruz, a total of 15 records highs were set in the greater Bay Area last Saturday. Although the coming days are going to be less brutal for the citizens, the weather will be far from being pleasant.

Extreme Heat Puts Everyone at Risk

With extreme heat dominating most of the region, it is not just children and the elderly, but everyone is at risk.

Three people in California died because of extreme heat last year. Nationwide, the number of fatalities was 94. The NWS found that a home with little or no air conditioning was by far the most dangerous place to be, causing the deaths of 36 people in 2016.

That means when the NWS recommends people to keep themselves hydrated, limit strenuous outdoor activities during the day, and stay in air-conditioning areas to protect themselves from heat, you should not take the last piece of advice lightly.

Right now, a house without air conditioning is a dangerous place to be in Santa Cruz. And you can find yourself in that precarious state because:

  1. You never spent money on an AC
  2. Your central air or room unit malfunctioned

Amid the heat that the Bay Area is reeling from, the latter situation is as bad as the first one.

Tips to Prevent AC Breakdown during Bay Area Heat

If you are a homeowner who has invested in central air or room unit, you may take your air conditioner for granted.

Those systems are sturdy and work for a long time without any sign of trouble. But if you overlook regular maintenance tasks, you may discover one day that your AC is producing rattling sounds, consuming more energy, achieving less cooling, leaking, or even shutting down completely.

That can happen on a day when temperatures are in the high 90s in Santa Cruz. Not pleasant when it’s sultry outside.

Fortunately, you can make sure your cooling units do not break down when you need them the most. Here are some tips from Bogner Sheet Metal.

Bogner Sheet Metal-HVAC-CA

Get Your AC Checked Up

Perhaps the number one way you can prevent your AC from breaking down this summer is to schedule a maintenance call with a professional. An inspection can ensure that your system is ready for record high temperatures that Bay Area residents are facing this year.

HVAC Repairing Bogner Sheet Metal-CAChange the Filter

Ideally, air filters should be replaced every three months. It has become all too important business optimization right now because fires are raging in next door Oregon and polluting California skies. The excessive dirt is being accumulated on the filters, blocking air flow, reducing efficiency, and leading to breakdowns.

HVAC Installment Air Conditioner- CA

Let the Outdoor Unit Breathe

Like human beings, your air conditioner’s outdoor unit needs room to breathe. That means it is essential that you make sure the grass is cut and the bushes and shrubs are trimmed in the area spanning the outdoor unit.

Prevent Dirt Buildup Near the Indoor UnitPrevent Dirt Buildup Near the Indoor Unit

While the indoor unit is subjected to elements as frequently as the outdoor unit, it can still benefit from a clean-up. Ensure no dirt builds up near the indoor unit. Also, avoid placing any objects near the indoor unit because the objects can obstruct airflow.

Check for Leaks CarrierCheck for Leaks

Check your indoor unit for any signs of water or refrigerant at least once a month. It’s important to capture leaks in time because they can cause severe damage to your air conditioner if left unnoticed and untreated.

Bogner-Metal Supply HVAC- CADon’t Push Your Air Conditioner

Using a programmable thermostat, relying on ceiling fans, and minimizing the heat that gets into your home are some of the ways to reduce pressure on your AC during the hottest days of the year.

Dont Push Your Air Conditioner

Call an Expert at the First Sign of Problem

The problems with air conditioners get worse with time. Don’t wait. Be proactive and call Bogner Sheet Metal immediately when you suspect a problem.

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The few days have been particularly hard on the Bay Area residents. Excessive heat is putting a considerable strain on air conditioning systems, increasing their chances of breaking down when you need them the most. Avoid getting stranded in your home without an AC. Invite an expert for inspection. You can call Bogner Sheet Metal at (831) 423-4322 if you live in Santa Cruz County.

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