7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Dilly-Dally Over Wall Furnace Repair

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Wall Furnace ServicedWhen you pause to think about it a little, it seems rather extraordinary that you never need wall furnace repair during summer.

In the ideal world of mathematical probability, heating contractors should be fixing 50 percent of Bay Area furnaces during spring and summer, and the remaining half during autumn and winter. That never happens. Your heater, HVAC, or furnace breaks down during the cold months; when you need those systems the most. It’s as if karma is at play, or some supernatural power wants to remind you of its existence. Or, and this is the most rational explanation. The universal laws of physics are doing their job.

Your wall furnace is a machine, and machines break down during periods of heavy use. That’s not a very comforting thought if you are a homeowner. A temporary—lasting not more than a couple of hours—discomfort is the best-case scenario when your heating equipment acts up or stops working altogether. Most homeowners can brace themselves for the worse.

Poor Health of Your Loved Ones

Poor Health in the Family

A 15+ year’s old furnace, whose repair has been overlooked for a long time, can break down completely. That’s not pretty because living without a working furnace in Santa Cruz winter for long can be jeopardizing the health of your children and parents. It is not easy for grown-ups, too, especially if they have a history of illnesses. Often, pets tend to be in a worse condition.

Poisonous Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Small cracks, often invisible to a layperson, can develop in the combustion chamber. The cracks reduce your furnace’s ability to burn gas or oil completely, resulting in the release of carbon monoxide through the cracks. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas, and too much of it can be fatal. You can detect if the fuel is burning completely, or not, by the color of the pilot light. A dark-blue means everything is in order.

Expensive Emergency Maintenance

Expensive Maintenance

By allowing certified HVAC or heating contractors to identify problems before they become big and costly, annual maintenance during fall actually saves you money. A maintenance contract with a Santa Cruz heating contractor, such as Bogner, will save you a ton of unwanted expenses on emergency repair. The alternative is to be ready to hand in a couple of thousand dollars for a sudden and expensive wall furnace repair job.

Higher-Energy Bills

Wall furnace repair and inspection during October increase the efficiency of your heating system. As a result, dust ceases to circulate inside your home, the fuel burns completely, and you notice a marked reduction in your monthly energy bills. Alternatively, a poorly maintained furnace can wreck your budget.

Reduced Life of Your Furnace

Blocked vents, dirt-covered air filters, yellow, orange, or red pilot light, and aging can take a toll on your furnace. Overlooked and untreated, those factors can reduce the effective life of your furnace from the 15 years to something much shorter. Needless to add that the installation of a brand new furnace is a lot more expensive than paying Bogner Sheet Metal for annual fall repair.

Unusual Noise During Nights

Unusual Noise at Night

An unkempt furnace is rarely a silent one. Too much dirt in the air filters, or in the ventilation pipes often results in unusual sounds coming. The situation can be particularly bad for people in the suburbs where even the faintest continuous noise can ruin sleep.

Increased Risk of Explosion

Increase Risk of Explosion

The risk of your furnace exploding is minimal. They are marvels of engineering that can work for years without much care, albeit at a lower efficiency and produce annoying sounds. The risk stems from you. If your wall furnace hasn’t undergone repair and is acting up in the cold of January, you may be prompted to try out firewood, charcoal, and other methods of keeping your home warm. It’s those activities that increase the risk of a fire or an explosion.


Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stay warm, safe, and cozy this winter, and none of those methods are as effective as getting your furnace cleaned and checked by a professional HVAC contractor. The need for professional inspection is heightened in the case of old furnaces that are near the end of their lifecycle, and furnaces that have not been inspected by a professional heating contractor for more than 12 months.

Remember that you are saving money by consulting a heating contractor at the beginning of cold months. Full-service wall furnace repair will not only keep you and your family warm during autumn and winter, but it will also protect you from winter’s ugly surprise—emergency plumbing bills.

Bogner Sheet Metal installs and repairs furnaces in Santa Cruz, Boulder Creek, Capitola, and 15 other counties. Call them now at (831) 423-4322 for an inspection of your wall furnace, and for a stress-free and warm autumn and winter.


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